C. & G. Koopman

Gerard Koopman is a household name in the pigeon sport, for decades he has been at the international top with his pigeons and team. In addition, the influence of the Koopman blood is invaluable in many lofts. In the sale we find 4 pigeons, including a child from “Jerson” (lot 1), Olympiad pigeon & “Maximus” (lot 2), 6th National Ace bird Marathon, top son famous “Red Bullens”.

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Lot 1: NL19-1244754

Son “JERSON”, Olympiade pigeon 2013 Sport class Cat. Long Distance (C) Nitra, Slovakia, grandson top breeder “Cassius” x “MISS MORAKOT”, 1e Ravenstein 11.509 d, 23e Strombeek 11.586 d, 43e St. Truiden 10.319 d. daughter “Golden Dirk”, son “Kleine Dirk” x “Zenda”, sister “Farah Diba”, 1e Ace Pigeon WHZB One Day Long Distance.


Sire: NL10-5011833. ‘Jerson’, C. & G. Koopman.
Olympiade pigeon 2013 Sport class Cat. Long Distance (C) Nitra, Slovakia.
1e Overall Ace Pigeon Rayon 10 Prov. 10 ’12.
2e Orleans – 3.480 d.
6e Pithiviers – 6.452 d.
10e Boxtel – 10.698 d.
9e Boxtel – 9.392 d.
11e Quievrain – 6.223 d.

Grandsire: B03-6254818. ‘Vriend’, J. Maris.
Father ‘Jerson’.
Olympiade pigeon 2013 Cat. (C). He won himself:
1e Prov. Bourges – 3.456 d.
1e Toury – 1.863 d.
2e Prov. Bourges – 3.988 d.
2e Prov. Orleans – 2.219 d.
7e Orleans – 8.255 d.
He comes from B01-6346180. ‘Johan’, J. de Belser.
X B02-6196157. ‘Witgrijs’.

Granddam: NL07-5724626. ‘Daydream’, C. & G. Koopman.
‘Jerson’, Olympiade duif 2013 Cat. (C).
Won herself ‘Daydream’, 1e N.P.O.
1e Ablis – 8.519 d.
70e Chantilly – 12.742 d.
101e Morlincourt – 12.480 d.
129e Orleans – 6.004 d.
132e Blois – 4.260 d.
She comes from NL02-2373002. ‘Cassius’, C. & G. Koopman.
Father of ‘Daydream’, 1e N.P.O.
X NL04-2031763. ‘Miss Mookhoek’, Marijke Vink.
O.a. mother ‘Daydream’, she won 1e N.P.O. Ablis.

Dam: NL09-4773372. ‘Miss Morakot’, C. & G. Koopman.
Middle of 2010 season wing was broken.
1e Ravenstein – 11.509 d.
23e Strombeek – 11.586 d.
43e St. Truiden – 10.319 d.
118e Boxtel – 9.392 d.
264e Troyes – 6.871 d.

Grandsire: NL04-1389690. ‘Golden Dirk’, C. & G. Koopman.
‘Golden Dirk’ is a pure inbred-product to the base couple ‘Gentil’ x ‘Golden Lady’.
O.a. father ‘Miss Morakot’, 1e – 11.509 d. and ‘Limsa’ who is the mother of ‘Faira’, 4e N.P.O. Blois 2009 and 5e Arras against 7.781 d.

He comes from NL98-5821416. ‘Kleine Dirk’, C. & G. Koopman.
5e World Champion 1998.
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon 1999.
X B96-6286060. ‘Golden Lady’, D. & L. van Dijck.
Base pigeon.

Granddam: NL04-2031770. ‘Zenda’, Marijke Vink.
Sister of ‘Farah Diba’, 1e Ace Pigeon W.H.Z.B. 2003 one day long distance and ‘Reza’: 1e – 28.332 d., 1e – 21.892 d., 1e – 10.589 d.
Mother ‘Zahra’, 3e Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance (Fondspiegel).
She comes from NL00-1925122. ‘Tips’, C. & G. Koopman.
X B98-6523142. ‘Gesch. Kannibaaltje’, D. & L. van Dijck.
Mother of ‘Farah Diba’, 1e Nat. Ace Pigeon N.P.O.

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Lot 2: NL19-1244795

Daughter “MAXIMUS”, 6. Nat. Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel over 2014-2015-2016-2017 Cat. Marathon, 1e Limoges Sector IV – 2166 d. direct son of “Red Bullens”, 1. NPO Bergerac 4288 d, 2. NPO Bordeaux 5038 d. 2. NPO Bergerac 4651 d. & top breeder! x “PEIREN 531”, Noel Peiren, ½ sister 1e Nat. Barcelona 2015, mother “Elza”, 3e Orange 1004 d. ½ sister “Magic Barcelona”, 1. Nat. Barcelona 7774 d, 2. Int. Nat. Barcelona 19.083 d. & “De Bordeaux”, 7. Nat. Bordeaux 4866 d & 14. Nat. Tarbes 4818 d.


Sire: NL12-4703486. ‘Maximus’, C. & G. Koopman.
6e Nat. Ace Pigeon Fondspiegel over ’14-’17 Cat. Marathon.
Limoges Sector IV.
1e against 2.166 pigeons.
1e Limoges – 813 d.
6e St. Vincent – 717 d.
6e St. Vincent – 483 d.
134e Chalons – 6.639 d.
7e Dax – 346 d.

Grandsire: NL07-3704851. ‘Red Bullens’, J. Bullens.
1e N.P.O. Bergerac 2011 Prov. 3 – 4.288 d.
2e N.P.O. Bordeaux 2008 Prov. 3 – 5.038 d.
2e N.P.O. Bergerac 2010 Prov. 3 – 4.651 d.
He comes from NL01-4137964. ‘Broer 975’, J. Bullens.
X NL06-0763750. Van Ham Bartels, Daughter ‘Den Rooie Duuk’, 2e Olympiad.

Granddam: NL01-1135661. ‘Sadira’, C. & G. Koopman.
Sister ‘Miss Waalre’.
1e Nat. St. Vincent S4 – 1.334 d.
1e Nat. Ruffec S4 – 1.835 d.
12e Bergerac – 3.232 d.
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon Best of the Best cat. Extreme long distance 2004.
Flew 1e Nat. S4 St. Vincent 2004.
She comes from NL99-1221673. ‘Donkere 73’, Hermans-Hoekstra.
X NL99-1221652. ‘Blauw Donkeroogske’, Hermans-Hoekstra.

Dam: B14-3149531. ‘Peiren 531’, Noël Peiren.
Halfsister of 1e Nat. Barcelona in 2015.
Mother of Elza’, o.a. Periqueux 3e – 1.004 d., Orange 2e – 405 d.

Grandsire: B04-3223930. ‘Didi 930’, Noël Peiren.
Father of ‘Magic Barcelona’. She won 1e Nat. Barcelona in 2015 against 7.774 d.
Also 2e Int. against 19.083 d.
‘Didi 930’ goes back to Didi DeVos and Van den Broucke.
He comes from B96-3156032. ‘Didi 032’,
X B96-3287010. ‘Dochter Bl. Didi’, Noël Peiren.

Granddam: B08-3020035. Noël Peiren.
She is o.a. mother of ‘Bordeaux’.
7e Nat. Bordeaux – 4.866 d. and 14e Nat. Tarbes – 4.818 d. 2011.
She comes from B02-3064238. ‘Geschelpt Barcelona’.
X B03-3186449. ‘St. Vincent Duivin’, Noël Peiren.

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Lot 3: NL17-4704025

“BROTHER AZURA”, 1. Cahors Sector IV – 1347 d. 2019.

Comes from: “SON ST. VINCENT”, Noël Peiren 2. Nat. St. Vincent 3786 d 2013 x “DE 147”, 15. Nat. St. Vincent 8383 d. x “WILMA”, Henri Hoeks sister “St. Vincent Duivin”, 1. Nat. St. Vincent Sector 4, 1542 d. (1185 km) & 2. Nat. Montauban 800 d. (1045 km).

‘Azura’ won o.a. from Cahors, fastest Sect IV against 1.347 d. in 2019.

Sire: B15-3142024. Noël Peiren.

Grandsire: B10-3172507. ‘St. Vincent’, Noël Peiren.
2e National (2013) St. Vincent – 3.786 d.
He comes from B09-3177759. ‘Blauw Witslag’, Noël Peiren.
Brother of the mother 1e Nat. Barcelona 2015.
X B03-3125901. ‘Daughter Prins Barcelona’, Noël Peiren.
Sister of 8e Nat. Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B.

Granddam: B07-3196147. ‘De 147’, Noël Peiren.
Top breeder. In 2008 15e Nat. St. Vincent – 8.393 d.
She comes from B94-2337563. ‘Diplomaat’, Noël Peiren.
Father 1e Nat. (2004) Brive – 19.487 d.
X B00-3128375. ‘Daughter 721’, Noël Peiren.

Dam: NL10-1130620. ‘Wilma’, Henri Hoeks.
‘Wilma’ is sister of ‘De St. Vincentduivin’. In 2010 1e Nat. St. Vincent S4 – 1.542 d. 1185 km.
and 2e Nat. Montauban – 800 d. (1045 km.).

Grandsire: NL03-0346348. ‘Samoerai’, Bram Walpot.
Grandson 1e Nat. Barcelona 1994.
Father of the ‘St. Vincent-sisters 19 x prizes o.a.
1e Nat. St. Vincent
2e Nat. Montauban
8e Nat. Montauban
Etc., father of ‘095’ and ‘096’.
He comes from NL94-9477770. ‘Son Barcelona’, B. Walpot.
Son 1e Nat. Barcelona 1994.
X NL00-0049262. B. Walpot.
Father is grandson ‘Barcelona 2’.

Granddam: NL01-4746533. ‘Oude Witpen’, Eddy Bloemen.
She comes from NL00-4730183. ‘Son Kapotte Bek’, Eddy Bloemen.
X NL98-1952313. ‘Mulderduifje’, Eddy Bloemen.
From ‘De Mopperkont’ x ‘Marathon’ (J. Booy).

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Lot 4: NL19-1244733

Son “JARON”, nestbrother “BENSON”, 4. Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB/TBOTB 2017 Cat. One Day Long Distance
Dgt. “Cassius”, top breeder C. & G. Koopman x “TOP GIRL”, mother 2. NPO Souppes 3607 d, 3. & 6. NPO Nanteuil 3924 d. 3. Hapert 6724 d, daughter “CASSIUS”, father o.a. “Daydream”, 1. NPO Ablis 8519 d. grandfather “Jerson”, Olympiade pigeon Cat. C Nitra, Slovakia 2013 etc. x “MARIJKE”, Marijke Vink
top breeder “Aladin” x “Farah Diba”, C. & G. Koopman / Marijke Vink.


Sire: NL16-4784049. ‘Jaron’, C. & G. Koopman.
Nestbrother of ‘Benson’, 4e Nat. Ace Pigeon W.H.Z.B./T.B.O.T.B. 2017 cat. One Day Long Distance.
2e Gien – 4.911 d.
1e Rethel – 561 d.
18e Laon – 9.947 d.
18e Sens 2 – 3.083 d.
15e Troyes – 2.485 d.

Grandsire: B13-6179970. ‘Wouters 970’, M. Wouters.
He comes from B10-6251541. ‘Den Ad’, M. Wouters.
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon K.B.D.B. Cat. Short Hafo.
X B09-6356404. ‘Daughter Extreem’, M. Wouters.
Sister of ‘My Best Breeder’.

Granddam: NL12-5210704. ‘Ravita’, C. & G. Koopman.
Mother of ‘Li Ming’ x ‘Benson’, resp. 2e & 4e Nat. Ace Pigeon W.H.Z.B./T.B.O.T.B. in 2017 Cat. One Day Long Distance.
Sister of ‘Vakir’, 3e N.P.O. Blois – 6.279 d.
Halfsister of ‘Abelle’, 2e N.P.O.
She comes from NL02-2373002. ‘Cassius’, C. & G. Koopman.
Father of ‘Daydream’, 1e N.P.O.
X B05-4391941. ‘Hebberecht 941’, Chris Hebberecht.
Top breeder, mother of ‘Abelle’, ‘Azurit’.

Dam: NL10-5011998. ‘Top Girl’, C. & G. Koopman.
Mother of:
2e N.P.O. Souppes – 3.607 d. in 2015.
3e & 6e N.P.O. Nanteuil – 3.924 d. 2016.
3e Hapert – 6.724 d.

Grandsire: NL02-2373002. ‘Cassius’, C. & G. Koopman.
Father of:
‘Daydream’, 1e N.P.O. Ablis – 8.519 d.
And grandfather ‘Jerson’, Olympiade pigeon Cat. (C) Nitra, Slovakia 2013.
‘Top Girl’, ‘Fien’, ‘Vakir’, ‘Goudband’, ‘Dagalia’, ‘Calivia’.
He comes from NL98-5821416. ‘Kleine Dirk’, C. & G. Koopman.
5e World Champion 1998.
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon 1999.
X NL99-5971341. ‘Annelies’, C. & G. Koopman.
Sister ‘Kleine Dirk’, mother of ‘Magic Man’.

Granddam: NL04-2031628. ‘Marijke’, Marijke Vink.
‘Marijke’ is mother of ‘Doran’, 1e N.P.O. Orleans with 13 min. Lead against 9.670 d. and ‘Varella’, 1e Nat. Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2007 Fondspiegel.
Grandmother ‘Lady Promise’.
She comes from NL99-2308215. ‘Aladin’, C. & G. Koopman.
of ‘Kleine Dirk’ x ‘Daughter Beatrix-Doffer’.
X NL02-1616137. ‘Farah Diba’, Marijke Vink.
1e Nat. Ace Pigeon N.P.O. ’03 One Day Long Distance.

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