Benno Kastelein

Benno Kastelein enters the Pearls of the Sky with an absolute top offer. Benno moved only a few years ago but already has several top pigeons in his loft. In 2018 and 2019, Benno has made a major statement. Powerlady won a 1st Nat. Perigueux S3 and a 3rd Nat. St. Vincent S3. Iron Man won a 6th and 8th NPO Perigueux. From this couple you see a direct daughter in lot 41.

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Lot 41: NL19-1783743

Daughter “IRON MAN”, 6e NPO Periqueux 1258 d, 8e NPO Periqueux 2644 d. from “Felle Jelle”, Jelle Jellema x “Kweekduifje 308”, daughter “Late Blauwe” Cees Nijdeken x “POWER LADY”, 1e Sector 3 Periqueux 7308 d. 2018, 3e Sector 3 St. Vincent 3013 d. 2019, 7e National 12.070 d.

1e N.P.O.
2e N.P.O.
6e N.P.O.
8e N.P.O.

Sire: NL12-1185147. ‘Iron Man’, Benno Kastelein.
6e N.P.O. Periqueux – 1.258 d.
8e N.P.O. Periqueux – 2.644 d.
and 4 x prizes!

Grandsire: NL16-1163761. ‘Felle Jelle’, J. Jellema.
Father of ‘Iron Man’.
6e N.P.O. tough Periqueux ’18.
8e N.P.O. Periqueux ’19.
‘Iron Man’ won 6 of 6. 4 of 4 and as a yearling with the 6e N.P.O.
He comes from NL13-1755837. ‘Zoon Orion’, J. Jellema.
55e N.P.O. Limoges ’15.
234e N.P.O.
X NL14-1559578. J. Jellema.
140e Nat. Perpignan ’16.

Granddam: NL16-1883308. ‘Kweekduifje 308’, Cees Nijdeken.
Daughter super pigeon ‘Late Blauwe’ with 1e and 2e N.P.O.
Bought on Toppigeons sale!
Mother of ‘Iron Man’,
6e N.P.O. Periqueux ’18.
8e N.P.O. Periqueux.
She comes from NL10-1237284. ‘Late Blauwe’, Cees Nijdeken. Top pigeon!
X NL14-1559919. ‘Daughter Romee’, Jelle Jellema.

Dam: NL17-1752373. ‘Power Lady’, Dekker.
1e Periqueux ’18 Sector 3 – 7.308 d.
St. Vincent ’19 3e Sect. – 3.013 d.
7e Nat. – 12.070 d.
Both races with headwinds and overflight.

Grandsire: NL15-1418036. ‘De Cor’, Vrolijk.
Father of 1e Periqueux Sector 3 – 7.308 d.
Sire: Sort Bennie Schrijver x Hein van Gurp.
Mother: line ‘Silvershadow’, Eijerkamp.
He comes from NL14-1659348. ‘Hot Bergerac’.
Best Yearling Kring IJssel 3x.
X NL14-1659868. ‘Silver Shadow line’, Vrolijk.

Granddam: NL11-1295965. ‘Blacky’, Benno Kastelein.
Mother of ‘Powerlady’. 1e Periqueux Sector 3 – 7.308 d.
Clocked at 8.34 hour. With strong headwinds.
She comes from NL10-1224830. ‘Zwarte BK’, Benno Kastelein.
Won a prize as a yearling from Brive.
X NL10-1224873. ‘Bontje Klaas’, Benno Kastelein.
Came as an egg from Klaas.

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